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Behaviour & Traits

How does DNA influence your behaviour? Find out with one of these tests.

Find out whether you carry a genetic variant that disrupts your serotonin levels.
  • Tests the 5-HTTLPR variant of theSLC64A
Find out whether you carry a genetic variant that increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior.
  • Detects the “warrior” variant of theMAOA
Find out whether your love of adventure and travelling is in your DNA.
  • Detects the “wanderlust” version of theDRD4
Find out whether your genes reduce your chance of forming a strong bond with your partner.
  • Detects the RS3 334 variant of theAVPR1A
Determine whether you carry a genetic variant associated with increased sexual promiscuity.
  • Tests five genetic changes in theAVPR1A
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